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So here we are...

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

It's funny to think that my last attempt at a blog was over 10 years ago when I started a travel blog, Always Trekking. It never really took off and my most popular blog detailed my "interesting" experience as an expat in China. I never expected to blog again, I thought blogging was passé in the current world of IG influencers and YouTubers. But here we are. A lot has changed over the last 10 years, I would like to think I'm older and wiser. With real world experience I would like to provide positive experience to anyone who wishes to spend 5 minutes perusing my ramblings of a madwoman. Unlike last time, I'm not planning on boasting or documenting superficial travel experiences, top 10 things to do in Johannesburg or top 10 insects one must try in Beijing. I want to dive deep and expose my quest/battle/pursuit for a boring full time corporate job and a fulfilling side hustle. There are many others out there like me. We don't have to suffer in silence and shame. I care about providing a good experience for the reader and I also never want to sell out and peddle shitty products that nobody needs. I will never have ads, or bog down the reading experience with loading times for more advertisements. I intend to have a safe space with no lies.

I am not sure if it was the post-pandemic world or me just getting older but the urge to help change the world is strong. I know exactly how it can be done and it all goes back to food. It has taken too long for governments and corporations to make shifts towards sustainable practices. Instead of long term solutions we have been provided quick fixes by whatever corporation is out there utilizing our data to create greater profits. The power is within the people to make a change and I aim to empower all of us towards it.

If we do nothing, we will be heading into global dust bowl. It is time for people to take back what is theirs and this is my own first step towards it. So here I am, facing myself in the mirror as if ready for battle. The time to restart is now.

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