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My Beliefs

Where do your beliefs come from? I went through an exercise where I wrote down the answer to this every day for a week. I wrote the same answers three days in a row. My environment, my upbringing, school, my family. The next day a new picture was revealed to me.

My beliefs define my behaviour. They are part of my programming, my paradigm. They got me to where I am today, but now that I am growing and going to places they may no longer serve me.

You will not be able to go towards your achievement unless you take inventory of your belief system. Your beliefs are your set point and unless you take stock of them they will whip you back to your starting point. Simply put, to achieve what you want you have to believe you can do it.

So where do my beliefs come from? From my mother who is always seeking freedom. Filled with passion and strength to make prompt decisions. A country girl from the Ural mountains who grew up in poverty and knew what she wanted. From my father who is a logical man of reason. He's a man of academia and knowledge. He taught me to break the rules and not to trust the authority. He's a free thinker, hard worker and a socialist. From my formative years spent in the rubble of a fallen empire. No rules existed. The life defined for my parents and those around me disappeared overnight. Everything people believed slipped through their fingers like sand. Rules they learned to live by no longer existed. It happened before. 70 years ago there was a revolution and a civil war. 50 years before there was a war that changed the course of history and killed someone in every family. 150 years ago the peasants were slaves to the empire. Have we ever lived well? The government changes, the world changes, but we stayed the same. Close to the land, close to their family. What really mattered were the bonds we created with our community, with the land, with nature. My husband likes to joke that I didn't grow up in the 1990s, but the 1970s. As Trotsky put it Russia is a "backwards country". He referred to the land and eastward expansion that didn't allow the country to advance as quickly as its western counterparts. I found out where my beliefs come from. What about you?

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