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You are in control of your life. You can control how you react, how you think and the results that you get. It's a frightening realization. All of the sudden you become responsible for your life. Nobody else can live your life for you.

You can stop blaming circumstances for you life. It's not the government. It's not your boss or the company you work for. Certainly not something someone said to you once 10 years ago that haunts you to this day.

Once you sit with this and you understand that you are in complete control, you will feel liberated. Nothing is more freeing than finally coming to terms with the fact that you're in control. You no longer need to wait for anyone else or for something to happen. You can take charge and break free.

It may seem scary at the start, but it is path forward to a life without stress and anxiety. You can set goals that align with your intrinsic values and gain more meaning to your life. This can happen at the moment you finally take charge.

You can start on this path with a shift to perspective. There are always two sides to every story and no matter how you feel about a certain situation you can shift your thinking. I used to be a constant worrier. I used to ruminate about the past and play out negative scenarios about the future. A pessimist running through every possible negative scenario, a play by play. I used to think that this was a responsible action to take, that I owed it myself to think negatively. I treated it like work, a job to successful living. It was a learned behaviour, something I've seen my parents do all the time.

My upbringing told me that to be an adult you must worry. So worried I did and it used to debilitate me. It kept my up at night. It caused me stress anytime I was called to an impromptu meeting by my boss. It felt like I was caught off-guard and would be reprimanded for something that I didn't worry about!

There was a mental shift within me. I started to understand that not only was in complete of my life, but I was always in control of my thinking. I didn't need think negatively. I didn't need to think about the past or the future. All I need to focus on was the present moment. As for goals, I can dedicate specific time of day for goal setting and action step setting. I don't need to do before bed or when I'm playing with my son.

Shift in perspective and taking back control go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Shift your negative thinking. Be more optimistic. Be present. It's good for you.

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