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Picture of Failure - Frustration

Nobody is immune to negative feelings and attitudes, even the most successful people experience them. The most important step is to recognize them for what they are and take positive action to correct course.

Failure Mechanism is a warning system for your personality. It is made up of the following parts. Frustration, hopelessness, futility

Aggressiveness (misdirected)

Insecurity Loneliness (lack of "oneness") Uncertainty Emptiness These traits do not "just happen". We adopted these traits to solve a problem making them a "way of life" for us. We can fix these traits by seeing them for what they really are, an inappropriate way of being. Frustration Frustration is an emotional feeling when a goal cannot be realized or when a strong desire is thwarted. It is part of the imperfect human experience and we should learn that all desires cannot be satisfied immediately. We can tolerate a certain amount of frustration before it starts to affect us deeply. It becomes a symptom of failure when a frustrating experience brings excessive emotional feelings of deep dissatisfaction. Often times it's because we've set an unrealistic goal of perfection. The feelings of "should be" that cause you dissatisfaction. Our poor self-image sabotages our efforts and we become creatures of failure due to our self-fulfilling prophecy. This is learned behaviour. As children we expressed frustration with status quo and our overindulgent parents handed us warm milk. All we had to do was feel frustrated to have the problem solved for us. Although this works for children, it doesn't work for adults. Your parents are no longer there to solve your problems. At least, they shouldn't be. Expressing grievances against life will not change its course. We practice the feelings of frustration in hope that magic will resolve our problem. We project these feelings into the future and set our expectations to failure.

Recognition and Solution Thoughts and feelings go together, feelings are the soil where thoughts and ideas grow in.

Start with imagining how you would feel if you succeed and then feel that way now. This is the path forward to resolving your feelings of frustration.

Source - Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz

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