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Picture of Failure - Insecurity

Insecurities are internalized beliefs of inner inadequacy. The feeling of not "measuring up" to what is required, the imposter syndrome.

The reason for the feelings of insecurity are not due to the fact that we lack the resources internally, but that we're using the wrong measuring methods. We set our parameter against an unrealistic ideal and then think of ourselves in absolutes. We have feelings of should. Should be happy, should be good, should be content. These are goals to achieve, not an ideal where we somehow already missed the mark. A person is a goal striving mechanism and the self realizes that when it moves towards a destination. We maintain our poise, sense of direction only when we're seeking our ideal. If you think that you've achieved your goal, then you become static and you lose the security you feel when you're working towards something. If you're not moving towards a target, you will not have an incentive to do better and you will feel the need to defend your "sham".

Trying to stand on the mountain top and defend your position is exhausting and will cause insecurities. When championship team starts to think of itself as a champion, they have nothing fight for and the underdog comes into the picture.

Proving your superiority to others is self-defeating and exhausting. If you feel superior now then you will lack the reason to fight and grapple. That's when insecurity will come to haunt you and you lose your will to win. I'll ask this in the nicest way possible with the warmest pretenses. Get off your high horse.

Source - Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz

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