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I'm so grateful. I'm so happy. I couldn't have asked for things to have worked out in a better way. In a world filled with emptiness and unknown, I found a place. I see the way in which I can make an impact. A mere firefly who can light the world with her light. I'm hopeful and resilient. Collaborating with Nicole has been the biggest experience of personal growth. I don't think I grew this much when I was caring for a newborn baby. It is time for us to reflect, look back at the last 3 months of ferocious activity and plan for the future. We are both asking us the same question. A question I recommend you ask yourself as well. How can I grow and provide greater service?

Stepping into the role of a coach has been such a powerful decision and now I have to define how my services will look. Every day I’m gaining a higher level of understanding of how I can serve you and everyone else in a better way. I’ve come to a realization that the reason I’ve felt dead inside for 15 years of office work and sabotaged it every chance I got was because I didn’t use my creativity. So with that I’ve had a calling to focus my specialization in Creative Imagination. It’s coming together, but that is what I’ll be studying and centering in. I want to help people understand creativity, how it functions and how to get the best ideas out of you. Whether you’re an artist, a musician or a just a hobbyist. We’re all creative beings. First step as always is understanding and recognition. The future is bright and full of possibilities. I'm so pleased to be at your service.

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