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Safety in Numbers

Don't hide in safety. It won't do you any good. You've been made to conform so you could be used in the commerce system. You're trained to excel within same parameters as others. Your labour is cheap and replaceable. Our flight or fight instinct wants safety and comfort. It is safe to be like everyone else, to not stand out. When you're part of the herd, the lion is less likely to get you. Why not strive to be the lion? Oh yes, the lion has to hunt. The idea of going after what you want frightens you. So we conform, we give away unique parts of ourselves to belong to a wide group. We watch the same mind numbing entertainment. Multinational companies appeal to the masses and see their stocks rise. We lose parts of ourselves as we saw off our edges and then fill in the gaps with dopamine. One click shopping, drink to take the edge off, a bag of Doritos.

Your conformity is putting you out of work. In your quest to be just like the rest, you've lost the ability to set yourself apart. Now you fight amongst others who are exactly like you for a job that is exactly the same as the one you were doing.

Confront your lizard brain. It doesn't do you any good. It wants you to stay in the cave, in an illusion of safety. There's a beautiful world outside filled with endless possibilities. The choice is yours. Don't rely on another company to tell you what to do.

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