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The Purpose to Write

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

It is a difficult time. Recovering from a pandemic world, the world suddenly turned not back into what it was in 2019 but into a weird, bastardized version of post Spanish flu. There's a war in Ukraine, conflict in Sudan again, consumer purchasing power decreased, wage stagnation, individuals such as myself are laid off and those who remain are working under threat of the capitalist lay off. Everyone sitting at home in their pajamas for over year was bound to change the world, we just didn't know in which direction. WFH for changed me as well. I started a path to self discovery earlier this year after a moment of crisis that coincide with a company lay off and rising interest rates by the Bank of Canada. As worrying as my brain got, I had to mentally become okay with the worst possible outcomes in order to continue. I picked up journaling as a way to therapeutically re-center. One thing led to another, I started inhaling books again and realized that my purpose to write. I finally understood that I love poetry as a form of self expression. That revelation was no revelation to my friends who quizzically asked "Really? You didn't realize you liked poetry?".

I have a lot of ideas I want to share. While my reasons may be self serving as I try to market myself for new work, find side hustles, turn passion into career, I want to provide a voice to others out there like me. That you're not alone and that you will too get out of this..whatever this may be. So stay or leave, the decision is yours. My journey is just beginning.

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