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Self Mastery Through Study

To change your results, you must change your thinking. To change the way you think you need to gain more awareness and understanding into why you behave a certain way. You are controlled by your habits and programming that keeps producing the same results. There is a way out and it starts with study and constant spaced repetition to impress the right principles on your conscious mind. Study is not reading infotainment or reading for pleasure. It is a way of putting order to chaos of the outside world and the information. The optimal way to break up study is following. Auto Suggestion A method of constant spaced repetition of your goals, your self-image, new habits, new principles and concepts. Repetition Constant and spaced methods of learning to change your paradigms (internal programming or habits). Control A way to change your habits and develop Faith. Nicole and I offer a coaching methodology that is designed to create order and create a new way of thinking. We are starting a book club, Library of Truth, to help digest vital material. The principles we teach are spread out over hundreds of years of texts. We've read them all and are so excited to nerd out on them with you.

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