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Taking Action

Nicole and I had an idea and ran with it. We took action and everything changed. 2 months later, we wrapped up our first bootcamp and now we have a community. We need telescopes to look back at ourselves.

Nicole has been on her journey for a few years. She read every book on the subject of personal development and then earlier this year found me at the lowest point in my life. It feels like I've talked about this topic to death. I was lost and dead inside. I didn't understand how everyone around me could keep it together while I was unravelling. I felt trapped in a life I didn't want to partake. A simple question, "What do you want to do?", then a validating statement and I came back to myself. It's like 15 years didn't happen. The job hopping, the career sabotage, the self loathing, comparisons to other people washed away. I was me. I stopped numbing myself. I turned off the TV and I went within. I had everything I already needed. I made friends again. I learned that I am likable and people want to be around me. I spent 20 years believing that I didn't deserve friends, that I couldn't relate to people.

I knew in August that something was different. I was laid off from a place I helped built. I had to take control. I was indignant. With that everything started coming together. I am comfortable being in the unknown. I don't need a path written out for me. I know what I need to do and the path is revealed to little by little every day. Taking action and doing things I've never done before made the difference. It is growth that I've been seeking my entire professional life. I don't know exactly what will happen but I trust myself enough to figure it out. Life is a game, let's have fun.

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