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The Green Grass Lie

Every job is the same. Lateral shifts in jobs will not make you happier. Every company has their demons and has the same emulated structure. It's a model that worked for a hundred years.

That nagging feeling you get as you sit at your desk is you in turmoil. You think you're unhappy because your boss is being kind of a dick or the culture is not right or you're not appreciated or the product is not right. You work so hard. You deserve to be recognized. Why can't they see it about you? So what's your next step? Find another company that has great culture, excellent values and meaningful product. Sure. Give it a try. Maybe you'll get extra $20,000 in your offer letter. Look how you've grown, your mom will be proud. Give it a go. Go in on your first day and be excited as you get your new laptop. Ignore the similarities that suddenly start to irk you. What does this office not have that you used to have? Is someone on your team not vibing with you already? It's okay, look for the positives. You're out of the other job. That other hell hole. This is the one you've been waiting for. The solution to all of your problems. Wait a week. A month. 2 months. Uh oh. Honeymoon period is over. You're back at it. It's not exciting anymore. You start to notice it. The product is incomplete and filled with bugs. Your team is quietly miserable and the ghosts of past start to appear in conversation. Your manager's promises are not materializing. The quarterly priorities are changing after the last quarter's results. Oh no, but you just started. You can't quit already, how will that look on your resume? The cycle restarts with vengeance. Maybe the problem is you. Maybe you're the one who is unsuccessful. Look at everyone else, they are happy. Why are you unlucky? It's not luck. It's you. Every company is the same. They have faults and meaningless values. What's meaningful to you? Sit with yourself for a second and reconsider.

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