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To be creative is to be human

Most people don't understand creativity. We make assumptions that creativity is reserved for artists and children. Do a simple Google search on expanding your creativity and you'll find paint brushes and rainbows. Creativity goes beyond visual arts and arts and crafts in school. Creativity is your imagination. It is a skill that can be trained.

Everyone is creative, but in their own way. The way that you are creative is only evident to you. It matters what comes easy and excites you. That's probably your creative outlet.

We spend so much of our time consuming that we don't exercise that part of our mind.

Why would you?

You work a job where you do the same thing every day, you come home to plop on the couch in front of the screen and return to your treadmill in the morning. You ask others to solve your problems and then blame the world for all of your misery. We're so out tune with ourselves, we ask people who have nothing to do with us for advice. Dismissing yourself as non-creative is an easy way to avoid the responsibility for your actions and the direction of your life.

Creativity is misunderstood. I blurted out, "I'm creative,"on an interview and when the follow up question was raised I had no idea how to answer. I didn't understand it until I started creating something out of nothing. I had to face my fears and publish blog posts and social media posts with my ideas. Even then I had no idea what I was doing but when I finished a piece I felt good. It all started to fall into the same pattern. An idea would come, if I caught it on time and wrote it down it stayed on paper. It started to form a queue in my mind. There was similar discomfort when I began to type on an empty page. It felt like I shouldn't continue as if I wouldn't be able to bring it home. Then magically, it started to form into coherent piece of writing. I would get lost and forget the time. Lost in my world. I learned later that the fear and self doubt I felt anytime I stared at an empty page was universal. Every writer, musician, entrepeuner, creative person fought the same demons. I started equating it to extreme sports. In front of an empty page, I felt the same lack of trust in myself when I stood in front of big feature. I chased a feeling, a feeling of security that I could go on and let go.

I can write something. So what? AI can do that for you. It doesn't matter what AI can do, you don't exercise creativity for someone else. You do it for you. It's a new dimension of the human experience I never knew I would experience. I am full of empathy and always loved character driven stories. I enjoyed seeing the parallels to my own experience. I'm grateful for every nervous breakdown because I could relate to what I read or saw in every portrayal on the screen. I didn't know that there was a part I was missing. The stories, the blogs, my anger at the daily grind that capitalism puts us through wasn't the end of it. That was easy. I could write, people told me they enjoyed reading it but after a while it stopped being scary. The rush wasn't there anymore. Adrenaline junkie at heart, I intuitively chased a new high. I created a coaching bootcamp with my friend. I had no idea what I was getting into, but turns out it was also creative. Starting your own business is creative. You're not relying on others, no AI to sort it out for you. You against the world. The more you push through the fear the more you start to understand that you have control. Instead of plopping yourself on the couch, you start thinking. You start craving alone time to problem solve. To figure out new ways to reach whatever you want. Your ideas start to get better, your goals change. Your perspective changes. You start to look at the world differently and you rise higher. A new level of awareness of yourself and your place in the world begins to develop. You uncover new ideas and after a profound experience you question, "Could there really be more?"

It doesn't really hurt. The change is gradual but you learn to love yourself and the world in a new way. A better way. You began to appreciate yourself and stop numbing yourself with shitty content. If you love an artist, if you want to get closer to them and their experience, then create. This is how you will understand what they have gone through.


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