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What We Learn From Our Children

I am fighting my last big beast, my fear of speed. My distrust in myself being able to handle speed on my mountain biking plateaued my riding. Previous injuries made me set the wrong goals in my riding. The goal of "I never want to get hurt again" made me rigid and timid on the bike.. I set myself back so much that now my 7 year old surpassed my skills on the bike. The reason for his brilliance, the trust in physics and the bike. He rides the bike on flow the way it was meant to be ridden, with ease. My family ride at Whistler Mountain Bike park made me reflect on what I am learning from my child. There are a lot of wonderful lessons to be learned from our kids. Kids don't give up. They spend a lot of time failing while they learn new skills. If they are interested, they accomplish those goals. We don't tell kids to give up walking if they stumble as they take their first steps. Why do stop ourselves when we try new activities and expectedly fail upon first trial runs. Kids are full of wonder. They live in the moment and they are easily amused. We should all be easily amused. Life is beautiful. We all have such a short time on this planet, why spend it in negativity. Enjoy the little things just as kids do. Curiosity, asking questions, testing new ideas. Playfulness, we should all spend more time having fun and enjoying life by playing. Adult life is so serious and boring. There's more to life than rushing to our next activity that we will not remember the next week. Take the time to enjoy a new activity.

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