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When Did We Stop Having Fun?

We lead serious lives. They are expensive and we must do all in order to afford that expense. If you're not serious, you're not being a proper adult. Having it all means working hard, budgeting more and possessing more shiny golden objects. Our lives revolve around balance sheets and financial statements as if we're a soulless corporation living one quarter at a time.

To budget for the lives we lead, we have have tight controls on what we do and when we do it. We schedule our lives and live in order. At least we can't lay off members of our family when times get tough, but maybe you could send grandma to her early retirement. Our lives became prescribed and scheduled. Weekly sports for the kids. Dinner at 6. Long weekend holiday get together with the extended family. Dinner at 6. 10 day annual vacation. Rinse and repeat. Routines we've established to keep control of our children because children thrive in predictable environments. While children thrive the adults waiver.

The endless loop of forgettable activities. Filled with forgettable scripted TV drama. A way to unwind after a successful "Dinner at 6" before the morning commute to the office. Fun and spontaneity traded in for a forgettable, meaningless existence all in hopes to be able to afford we lead. To pay off the debts we acquired. To appear coherent at work to climb that ladder so you could buy a bigger home. I've had cats who would never chase a string. I used to think it was because they never learned, turns out it's a sign of ill health. Even veterinarians say that behavioral enrichment and play are a part of overall good health of a cat. Why aren't we enriching our lives with new activities? Partaking in fun and play. At the very least, make new memories.

Our lives shouldn't be sliced into 10 day vacations. We need to strive to have fun! Screw the bottom line, partake in something free and fun. When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? Read a book? Learned a new skill? Maybe instead of calling in someone, you troubleshoot with YouTube. Pick berries in the forest instead of the routine dinner. There's a world out there waiting for you that lives outside your routines and obligations. Step out of it and see it for yourself.

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