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Your Habits Define You

We go through life going through motions. 95% of what we do is defined by habits. Habits that have been programmed into us through our upbringing and environment. They keep us in check by causing internal chaos anytime we try to do something new. It comes in the form of doubt. The negative voice within your head. Artists and creatives outpace this doubt by rushing as soon as an inspired idea takes hold. If you procrastinate on an idea, your paradigm will take hold of you and it crumbles. The habits are so deeply embedded they develop a belief system and affect our behaviour. It is our paradigm. It is rooted within us that it defines everything we do and when we push outside our comfort zone, it creates chaos within us. We must grow and to grow you must become more and do things you haven't done before. When you step out of comfort, your paradigm takes hold of you. It's that negative voice. It wants to keep you safe in the cave where you spent 200,000 years. Your paradigm doesn't know that we're in the 21st century and that we're immediately born into every comfort. We're no longer just surviving, we're reaching for Self Actualization. We're not spending our days pushing our boundaries. Our work and managers put us into a definitive box, which makes our jobs repetitive and uninspiring. Without growth we wither. There is a way to break through and change your habits. You must change your way of thinking and learn to not let the outside world influence your thinking. Work on not letting your negative thinking control you and use mental tools we teach in our bootcamps.

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