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Time with Natalia

Space for authentic connection

Sometimes it feels that the world that we know is slipping out of our hands. We're spending more time isolated, away from genuine connection, losing a piece of ourselves to the tide of a life that's dictated to us by others. 

I have also felt powerless, stuck in a machine that's pushing me forward against my own will. There is a life out there where you can be happy and fulfilled. I can coach you and help y
ou reach it. 

Book time with me for a free 20 minute consultation. 


Wellness Goals

If you are struggling with meeting your nutritional or exercise goals, I can help you stay on track towards a path specific to you and the person you want to be. 

Overwhelmed and Anxious

There is confidence and peace deep down within you. Let's uncover that and help you face any challenge head on. 

Existential Turmoil

Do you have it all yet feel deeply unsettled and unhappy?  We can uncover what you may be missing to find inner peace and happiness.

Climate Change Worry

Our climate is changing before our eyes. You don't need to feel alone and powerless. I can work with you on developing a mindset and strategies that will help you feel powerful in a world that feels out of control.

Support System

The world is becoming more disconnected, we're all lacking a support system. Our desire for authentic connection is natural. I can be your motivational support system. 

Gradient Payment Model

I believe that coaching should be available to everyone. Connect and we can discuss a discounted rate that works specifically for you.

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