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About Me

Thriving in the unknown 

Sales Professional and Leader
Seeking Adventure

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3rd Generation Sales Person

A Natural sales person. I exceed my quota by proving value. I don't need to hide behind a brand names and I never blame marketing. 


I exceed targets with grit, charisma and results oriented drive. In 15 years, I built sales teams, processes, GTM strategies in SaaS. Always using my unique position between product and customer to drive company innovation and growth. 



Service to Others

In my coaching practice, I help individuals take back control and achieve their dreams. 

Movement should be pleasant and constant. I am Mat Pilates instructor spreading the practice of strength and calm. Helping others fall in love with graceful movement. 


Change is Inevitable

My goal is to change the world. I have some pretty lofty goals that range from helping plant based companies dominate market share to establishing an African coffee growers collective. I love our planet and the people on it, join me in building a prosperous utopia. 

Cycle across continents, push boundaries with extreme sports, start new hobbies, new businesses. In 5 years, I'll be shipping my Jeep to Egypt to go across the continent. 

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