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Expand Your Imagination

It's time for your Magnum Opus

An artist or a hobbyist needs to understand the creative process to overcome writer's blocks, push through fear and doubt to reach their goals. 

Every artist fought the same demons. I will help you understand the creative process so you can get more from your creativity. 
Talk to me if you need help with

  • Monetization of your craft

  • Learn skills to control worry and fear

  • Push through doubt and resistance

  • Understand the creative process

You see the world differently. Your gift needs to be shared.

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Creative Imagination

You and I are the same. You may in an uninspired office job, just thinking about your creative journey. 

Maybe you already have a closet full of crafts or paintings. Wherever you are, it's time to contribute. 

Don't consume. Create. 

You have a unique message for this world. Step out of the sidelines and tell us what it is. 

I designed a program to help you understand creativity and why it matters. 

Free Online Coaching Course

Day 1


20 minute video

Worksheets + Exercises

Setting goals for your creative journey

  • Why goals matter

  • Foundation of the creative process

Day 2

Attitude and Belief

20 minute video

Worksheets + Exercises

The science behind creativity 

  • Build faith and belief in yourself and your vision

  • Importance of attitude

Day 3

Doubts and Fears

20 minute video

Worksheets + Exercises
1-1 Coaching (on demand)

Understand the mind and learn practical tools 

  • What is Resistance and Terror Barrier?

  • Importance of repetition and study

  • Gain control over your mind

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